Editorial Board

Alain L Fymat

University:  International Institute of Medicine and Science
Email id:  alain.fymat@fiimas.org
Country:   United States

Kazue Sawami

University:  Faculty of Nursing, Nara Medical University
Email id:  sawami@naramed-u.ac.jp
Country:   Japan

Mohamed Qasim Abdullah

University:  University of Aleppo
Email id:  mk.abdalah@yahoo.com
Country:   Syrian Arab Republic

Renu K Pokharna

University:  Palmetto Health-University of South Carolina
Email id:  Renu.Pokharna@palmettohealth.org
Country:   United States

Sobia Haqqi

University:  Sir Syed College of Health Sciences
Email id:  sobiah@gmail.com
Country:   Pakistan

Howard Matthew O

University:  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Email id:  mohoward@email.unc.edu
Country:   United States

Daniel Memmert

University:  German Sport University Cologne
Email id:  D.Memmert@dshs-koeln.de
Country:   Germany

Yuchuan Ding

University:  Wayne State University
Email id:  yding@med.wayne.edu
Country:   United States

Ewald Neumann

University:  University of Canterbury
Email id:  ewald.neumann@canterbury.ac.nz
Country:   New Zealand

Kamilla Bargiel Matusiewicz

University:  University of Warsaw
Email id:  kmatusiewicz@psych.uw.edu.pl
Country:   Poland

Nicola Maggio

University:  The Chaim Sheba Medical Center
Email id:  nicmaggio@gmail.com
Country:   Israel

Xiaokun Geng

University:  Capital Medical University
Email id:  xgeng@med.wayne.edu
Country:   China

Małgorzata Pawłowicz

University:  Medical University of Gdańsk
Email id:  malgorzatapawlowicz@gumed.edu.
Country:   Poland

Md Monoarul Haque

University:  Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University
Email id:  monoarmunna@yahoo.com
Country:   Bangladesh

Robert A Ollar

University:  New York Medical College
Email id:  robertaollar@gmail.com
Country:   United States

Serdar Kahraman

University:  Istanbul Anadolu Medical Center
Email id:  serkah@hotmail.com
Country:   Turkey

Ajit Kumar

University:  Awadh dental college & hospita
Email id:  ajit.anatomy@gmail.com
Country:   India

Pierre Guertin

University:  Laval University
Email id:  pierre.guertin@crchudequebec.ulaval.ca
Country:   Canada

Leon James

University:  University of Hawaii
Email id:  leon@hawaii.edu
Country:   United States

Shekher Mohan

University:  Marshall University
Email id:  mohans@marshall.edu
Country:   United Kingdom

Mary Xiuyun Liu

University:  University of California
Email id:  xl334@cam.ac.uk
Country:   United States

Paul Wilkins

University:  Marie Curie Cancer Research Charity Shop
Email id:  creativewriter@virginmedia.com
Country:   United Kingdom

Roberto Maniglio

University:  Mercatorum University
Email id:  robertomaniglio@virgilio.it
Country:   Italy

Stavros J. Baloyannis

University:  Aristotelian University
Email id:  sibh844@otenet.gr
Country:   Greece

Abhijit Mitra

University:  University of Calcutta
Email id:  abhijit_mitra@hotmail.com
Country:   India

Satoru Okamoto

University:  Shimane University
Email id:  okamoto@cis.shimane-u.ac.jp
Country:   Japan

David Chau

University:  University College London
Email id:  k.chau@ucl.ac.uk
Country:   United Kingdom

Navjot Chaudhary

University:  Stanford University
Email id:  navjotc@stanford.edu
Country:   United States

Alexander Birbrair

University:  Federal University of Minas Gerais
Email id:  birbrair@icb.ufmg.br
Country:   Brazil

George Perry

University:  Semmes Foundation Distinguished University Chair in Neurobiology
Email id:  George.Perry@utsa.edu
Country:   United States

John Patrick FBebawy

University:  Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Email id:  j-bebawy@northwestern.edu
Country:   United States