Editorial Article
Volume 5 Issue 2 - 2020
We Have Learned So Much Yet We Don’t Think Outside The Box
Michael Ellenbogen
International Dementia Advocate & Connecter
*Corresponding Author: Michael Ellenbogen, International Dementia Advocate and Connecter, USA.
Received: March 11, 2020; Published: March 18, 2020

As a person who was once on the bleeding edge of technology, I was always able to see what most could not. I now see the same things in my fight to change dementia in this world.
In the last five years we have made some remarkable scientific discoveries. IBM Watson was loaded up with everything related to Cancer and now smarter than any doctor or scientist on that subject. AI is one of the most amazing tools we now have in our tool box.
Alzheimer's in a Dish was the product of Rudy Tanzi and Doo Yeon Kim which allows us to replicate the pathology of Alzheimer's disease in a petri dish which is created in the lab.
Automation and robotics have made huge strides and anything imaginable can be accomplished using the power and speed of machinery.
We have spent so much time and money trying to find ways to slow down many forms of dementia or find a cure but we are far from that answer. Sadly, there are so many white papers out there along with good data that no human could possibly read it or extract what helpful information is needed for a solution. That is where IBM Watson comes in. If anyone could do it, an AI computer could, followed by the smartest doctors in this field with the best programmers. Combine all that with all of the other technologies I had mentioned you would have the most powerful lab tester in the world and the quickest by far who could make decisions at lightning speed. This combination could work 24/7 and would surely get the answer we need in a much faster timeframe then any human can. While I realize this would be a little more costly upfront one needs to think about the long-term cost implications to our nation and then it will not be bad at all. The sooner we can have a way to slow it down or even have a cure that will be the day we hit the jackpot.
And once we have the cure this setup will help us attack every other disease that is known to us, no matter how small or large. So this will easily pay for itself for ever and ever. We just need to start thinking outside the box as we have all the tools we need. We could save the world with this idea. While this may seem farfetched to most that is how all ideas start. With one man’s vision.
Citation: Michael Ellenbogen. “We Have Learned So Much Yet We Don’t Think Outside The Box”. Current Opinions in Neurological Science 5.2 (2020): 39.
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