All authors must agree the below content for submitting manuscript
In accordance with Scientia Ricerca cannot accept an article if it is not the author's original research or experimental and clinical research work has been published before or is presently under consideration for publication on any other journals. The article should not contain any libelous or unlawful statements or in any way infringe the rights of others. The author must be the owner of the copyright and be entitled to sign the Author Copyright Agreement. In submitting an article, the author complies with these conditions.

Plagiarism in any form constitutes a serious violation of the most basic principles of scholarship and cannot be tolerated. Examples of plagiarism include:

Word to word copying of segments of another's writing without encompasses the copied. A Passage in citation marks and acknowledging the source in the appropriate scholarly Convention. The use of a exceptionally unique term or concept that one has come across in reading without acknowledging the author or source.

  1. The paraphrasing or abbreviated restatement of someone else's ideas without Recognize that another person's text has been the basis for the paraphrasing.

  2. The false citation material should not be imputed to a source from which it has not been obtained.

  3. False data: data that has been fabricated or altered in a laboratory or experiment; although not literally plagiarism, this is clearly a form of academic fraud.

  4. Unacknowledged multiple Copyright of an article for several purposes without prior approval from the parties involved.

  5. Unacknowledged multiple authors or collaboration: the contributions of each author or collaborator should be made clear.

  6. Self-plagiarism/double Copyright: the Copyright of the same or a very similar article to two or more publications at the same time.

When an article is accepted for publication, Author Copyright Agreements should be submitted via the online Copyright system, along with the final accepted version of the article. Each author must sign a copyright agreement on form. The form must list the names of all authors of the article under the title of the article at the top of the form, and must reflect the order given in the article.

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