Editorial Board

Aitizaz Uddin Syed

University/Organization:  University of Peshawar
Email id:  aitizaz@hotmail.com
Country:   Saudi Arabia

Abbas Shehadeh

University/Organization:  Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Email id:  abbasshehadeh@comcast.net
Country:   United States

Adithan Chandrasekar

University/Organization:  Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute
Email id:  adithan50@gmail.com
Country:   India

Rufus Adesoji Adedoyin

University/Organization:  Obafemi Awolowo University
Email id:  radedoyi@yahoo.com
Country:   Nigeria

Annapaola Zito

University/Organization:  University of Bari
Email id:  annapaolazito@yahoo.it
Country:   Italy

Ageliki Karatza

University/Organization:  University of Patras
Email id:  agelikikaratza@hotmail.com
Country:   Greece

Anoop Misra

University/Organization:  Fortis C-Doc Hospital
Email id:  anoopmisra@gmail.com
Country:   India

Angeliki Angelidi

University/Organization:  National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Email id:  angieang9@gmail.com
Country:   Greece

Arturo A Arce-Esquivel

University/Organization:  The University of Texas at Tyler
Email id:  aarce@uttyler.edu
Country:   United States

Antonio L Arrebola Moreno

University/Organization:  Immaculate Conception Hospital
Email id:  alam_1981@hotmail.com
Country:   Spain

Abraam Soliman

University/Organization:  Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Email id:  asoliman@alumni.uwo.ca
Country:   Canada

Sandeep Kumar Kar

University/Organization:  Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research
Email id:  sndpkar@yahoo.co.in
Country:   India

Debabrata Dash

University/Organization:  Interventional Cardiologist, Thumbay Hospital, Ajman
Email id:  dr_dash2003@yahoo.com
Country:   United Arab Emirates

Sangeeta Singg

University/Organization:  Angelo State University
Email id:  Sangeeta.Singg@angelo.edu
Country:   United States

Vasiliki E.Kalodimou

University/Organization:  IASO Maternity & Research Hospital
Email id:  kalodimou@yahoo.gr
Country:   Greece

Leonardo Roever

University/Organization:  Federal University of Uberlândia
Email id:  leonardoroever@hotmail.com
Country:   Brazil

Emmanuel ANDRES

University/Organization:  the University of Strasbourg
Email id:  Emmanuel.ANDRES@chru-strasbourg.fr
Country:   France

Richard Kones

University/Organization:  Cardiometabolic Research Institute
Email id:  medkones@gmail.com
Country:   United States

Konstantinos Chouchoulis

University/Organization:  Antrim Teaching Hospital
Email id:  kchouchoulis@gmail.com
Country:   United Kingdom

Mohd Shahbaaz Khan

University/Organization:  King Salman Heart Centre
Email id:  mohdshahbaazkhan@yahoo.com
Country:   Saudi Arabia

Antonio Manenti

University/Organization:  the University of Modena
Email id:  antonio.manenti@unimore.it
Country:   Italy

Dorina Lauritano

University/Organization:  San Gerardo Hospital
Email id:  dorina.lauritano@unimib.it
Country:   Italy

Won-Jang Kim

University/Organization:  CHA University School of Medicine
Email id:  mdwjkim@gmail.com
Country:   Korea, Republic of

Nikolaos Papanas

University/Organization:  Democritus University of Thrace
Email id:  papanasnikos@yahoo.gr
Country:   Greece

Peysh Patel

University/Organization:  Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Medicine
Email id:  peysh@doctors.org.uk
Country:   United Kingdom

Joseph Prandota

University/Organization:  Wrocław Medical University
Email id:  jozef.prandota@umed.wroc.pl
Country:   Poland

Telmo Pereira

University/Organization:  Superior Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra
Email id:  telmo@estescoimbra.pt
Country:   Portugal

Francesca Cortese

University/Organization:  University of Bari
Email id:  francescacortese@hotmail.it
Country:   Italy

Noman Ali

University/Organization:  University of Leeds
Email id:  nomanali456@doctors.org.uk
Country:   United Kingdom