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Research Article Gynaecology and Perinatology

  • Holistic Approach Is the Only Way to Increase Uptake of Family Planning Services
  • Navita Rahim. 2(4): 329-332.

    Research Article Innovative Techniques in Agriculture

  • Preliminary Assessment and Evaluation of Feedmill Machines in Oyo Metropolis, Oyo State, Nigeria
  • Gbadamosi J. 3(2): 581-590.

    Research Article Oral Health and Dentistry

  • Assessment of Reasons to Choose Dentistry and the Choice of Career Among Dental Graduates in a Dental Institution in Bangalore- A Cross Sectional Survey
  • Mayur Nath T Reddy, Radhika Muthukuru and Navami Ashok. 3(5): 737-743.

    Research Article Bulletin of Clinical Immunology

  • Dietary Supplement Based on Pinus Radiata Seed Oil Modifies the Inflammatory Profile of Visceral Adipose Tissue in A Murine Model of Diet-Induced Obesity
  • Hans Laroo. 1(1): 31-49.

    Research Article Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology

  • Post-ACL Reconstruction Rate of Return to Sport at 2-Year Follow-Up
  • Dominic Lim, Edwin Tan, Toh Rui Xiang, Lai Mun Chun and Andy Yew. 2(5): 387-396.

    Research Article Current Opinions in Neurological Science

  • Incidence of Delayed Intracranial Hemorrhage in Patients Taking Warfarin that Sustain Head Trauma
  • Maricel Dela Cruz DO, Brian Collins DO, Michael Baier DO, Lauren Segal DO, Scott Plasner DO and Robert Danoff DO. 2(6): 591-593.

    Case Study Gynaecology and Perinatology

  • Human Sterilization - Biological Procedure for Family Limitation
  • Siniša Franjić. 2(4): 3322-328.

    Case Study Current Opinions in Neurological Science

  • Break in the House and Stabbed with the Knife
  • Siniša Franjić. 2(6): 585-590.

    Editorial Ophthalmology and Vision Science

  • Nanoceria as Promising Ophthalmic Therapeutics for Retinal Diseases
  • Bing Huei Chen. 2(2): 269-270.

    Case Report Pulmonary Research and Respiratory Care

  • Pulmonary Aspergillosis: A Rare Presentation as Chronic Necrotizing Pulmonary Aspergillosis (CNPA).
  • Dr. Amir M Khoja, Dr. Samruddhi Dhanaji Chougale, Dr. Alekya Palla, Dr. Ganesh Pratap and Dr. Vaishal Sheth. 2(2): 169-173.

    Review Article Innovative Techniques in Agriculture

  • Review on the Role, Challenges and Prospects of Dairy Cooperatives in Ethiopia
  • Amanuel Bekuma Hika and Tekalign Tadesse Gurmessa. 3(1): 570-576.

    Research Article Ophthalmology and Vision Science

  • The Physiological Causes for the Eye's Optical Axis Growth and Executive Mechanisms in the Metabolic Theory of Adaptive Myopia and the Theory of Retinal Defocus
  • Ivan N Koshits, Olga Svetlova, Marina Guseva, Maksat Egemberdiev, Oxana Makarovskaya and Janek Masian. 2(2): 251-268.

    Research Article Chronicles of Pharmaceutical Science

  • Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria Among Pregnant Women Attending Ante - Natal Clinic, Federal Medical Center, Birnin Kudu, Jigawa State, Nigeria
  • Ali M, Yahaya A, Nas FS and EL- Hassa FI. 3(1): 751-758.

    Research Article Nutrition and Food Toxicology

  • Antioxidant Activity, Total Phenolics and Metal Contents of Ginger Powders in Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Nguyen Quang Trung, Le Van Nhan, Pham Thi Tra, Le Thi Hue, Nguyen Ngoc Tung, Vu Duc Nam, Hoang Minh Tao, Pham Thi Phuong Thao and Nguyen Tien Dat. 3(3): 654-660.

    Research Article Pulmonary Research and Respiratory Care

  • Isolation and Identification of Bacterial Strains in Aerosols Samples from an A Iron Foundry and Study of Their Resistance to Heavy Metals
  • Ester María Hernández Martínez, Jennifer Jörissen, Daniellys Alejo Sánchez, Mayra Caridad Morales Pérez, Yennier Cruz Bermúdez, Daymí Isabel Carrazana García, Miriam Díaz Díaz, Rene Dionisio Cupull Santana and Jany Granado Ojito. 2(2): 158-168.

    Case Report Medical Research and Clinical Case Reports

  • Alternate way to treat Ventriculo-Peritonitis
  • Rezina Hamid, Sheikh Adnan Rakib, AR Khan Lohani and Shaira Tahsin Raidah. 2(4): 246-254.

    Mini Review Oral Health and Dentistry

  • Sports, Trauma & Dentistry
  • Vinej Somaraj. 3(5): 732-736.

    Research Article Therapeutic Advances in Cardiology

  • The Utility of Ventricular Septal Rupture Size and Gradient Measured by Echocardiography in Assessing 14 Day Survival in Myocardial Infarction
  • Prabha Nini Gupta, George A Koshy, Sandeep G Nair, Sivaprasad Kunjukrishnapillai, Preethi Sara George and Praveen Velappan. 2(2): 236-243.

    Editorial Oral Health and Dentistry

  • Importance of The Type of Oral Mucosa Model in The In Vitro Studies of Oral Drug Delivery
  • Giuseppina Nocca. 3(5): 730-731.

    Research Article Gynaecology and Perinatology

  • Influence of Maternal BMI on the Intra-Observer and Inter-Observer Reliability in Fetal Sonography Obtained Parameters in the Last Trimester of Gestation
  • Amal S Zaghlaul, Sally Ahmed Refaat and Samia El Sahn. 2(3): 298-305.

    Research Article Medical Research and Clinical Case Reports

  • Effect of Fast Food Consumption on the Gastrointestinal System
  • Al Tahoo Yusuf, Daibes Ahmed, Jadalla Abubaker and Alnasir Faisal. 2(3): 236-241.

    Research Article Archives of Endocrinology and Diabetes Care

  • Effect of Various Stress Relaxation Exercises on Electroencephalography, Sympathetic Skin Response and Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus
  • Dr. Tarun Saxena, Dr. Sanjay Patidar, Dr. Azeema Ozefa Ali, Manjari Saxena, and Dr. Madhu Kabra. 2(1): 164-175

    Case Report Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology

  • A Case Report on Non-Surgical Approach to Correction of Hallux Valgus
  • Milly Ng. 2(4): 373-377.

    Case Report Medical Research and Clinical Case Reports

  • A Rare Case of Asymptomatic Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis in Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder
  • Teh Pei Chiek, Norzaine Rose Mohamad Zain and Joyce Pauline Joseph. 2(3): 232-235.

    Research Article Clinical Biotechnology and Microbiology

  • Highly Efficient Magnetic Oddities Radiation Therapy (Morty) for Fighting Inter-Galactic Parasites and their Transmissibility in Zygirion Simulation.
  • Beth Smith, Farooq Ali Khan, Chris Beauregard, Christina Hendricks and Sukant Khurana. 2(6): 511-516.

    Research Article Clinical Biotechnology and Microbiology

  • Aroma and Antioxidant Metabolites in Pleurotus Ostreatus Mushroom Detected By GC/MS Analysis, and Antioxidant Bioactivty Confirmed by DPPH Free Radical Scavenging Assay
  • Eman Mostafa Mohamed, Fatma Ali Farghaly and Iman Sayed-Ahmed Khallaf. 2(5): 495-510.

    Research Article Chronicle of Medicine and Surgery

  • Infra-Mammary Incision versus Peri-Areolar Incision in Management of Large Benign Breast Lesions; a Novel Approach
  • Eman Eltokhy, Loay M Gertallah, Taha A Baiomy and Ahmed Embaby. 2(6): 288-297.

    Editorial Chronicle of Medicine and Surgery

  • Why Do We Need A New Training Program On Acute Pneumonia?
  • I Klepikov. 2(6): 281-284.

    Research Article Current Opinions in Neurological Science

  • Clock Drawing Test in Hospitalized Substance Abusers
  • Elham Foroozandeh. 2(6): 560-566.

    Mini Review Current Opinions in Neurological Science

  • New Therapeutic Advances in Multiple Sclerosis
  • Michael Kozik, Souvik Sen and Renu Pokharna. 2(6): 556-559.

    Letter to Editor Current Opinions in Neurological Science

  • Brain Stress & Lactic Acid: Causes Carries & Acne
  • Paul Cusack. 2(5): 554-555.

    Case Report Chronicle of Medicine and Surgery

  • Unexpected Outcome In Case Of GBM
  • Kaptan H and Özyörük Ş. 2(6): 276-280.

    Editorial Chronicle of Medicine and Surgery

  • Why It Is So Important to Avoid the Acupuncture Points during Surgery - Phantom Pain and Phantom Leaf Have the Same Holographic Nature as the Subconscious Images
  • Maria Kuman. 2(6): 272-275.

    Case Report Chronicle of Medicine and Surgery

  • The Specifics of the Work of a Hospice Psychologist in a Multicultural Environment.
  • Jolanta Masian. 2(6): 267-271.

    Research Article Chronicles of Pharmaceutical Science

  • Comparative Evaluation Quality of Different Brands of Ibuprofen 400 mg Tablets available in Yemeni’s Market
  • Abdulmajed Alsaifi, Ali Alyahawi, Ali Alkaf. 3(1): 730-742.

    Review Article Innovative Techniques in Agriculture

  • Plant-Parasitic Nematodes and Their Management: A Review
  • Misgana Mitiku. 3(1): 558-569.

    Review Article Innovative Techniques in Agriculture

  • Assessment of Chicken Production under Farmers Management Condition in Gimbi District, West Wollega Zone, Ethiopia
  • Amanuel Bekuma Hika. 3(1): 550-557.

    Short Communication Multidisciplinary Advances in Veterinary Science

  • Are Helminths Contributing to the Population Fluctuations of Northern Bobwhite Quail (Colinus virginianus) from the Rolling Plains Ecoregion of West Texas?
  • Matthew Z Brym, Cassandra Henry and Ronald J Kendall. 2(5): 406-412.